About us

Following nationalisation and the transfer of the Bradford & Bingley retail savings business to Santander, Mortgage Express is now permanently closed to new business and we are unable to offer any new mortgages or further loans for existing customers. From now on, we may also be unable to offer our customers a competitive new deal when they come to the end of their existing product term.

Our overall objective is now to wind down our mortgage business to protect and create value for the taxpayer, so we want to help our customers avoid payment problems, pay off their mortgages or find better deals with other lenders.

As an intermediary who introduced customers to Mortgage Express, we recognise that you may have an ongoing relationship with our customers and can play an important part in this process. We always recommend customers speak to an independent mortgage adviser before making a decision and we will, in the first instance, suggest they go back to their original broker if they are looking for a remortgage deal or require additional borrowing.

On this website you will find a range of information and relevant documents to help you manage your ongoing relationship with your existing clients.