Support for portfolio landlords

Our specialist Portfolio Landlords Team will provide support if you have a Limited Company mortgage or a total of 5 or more Buy to Let accounts with Bradford & Bingley, Mortgage Express or NRAM.

What support is available
  • Sharing best practice, experience and ideas from other landlords
  • Reviewing your income and expenditure from time to time e.g. to reduce costs or optimise rental income
  • Offering support re: managing voids more effectively
  • Rearranging your mortgage accounts to make your payments more manageable
  • Stress-testing your portfolio to help you identify potential issues

Our Managers and Consultants understand key issues currently affecting landlords, and have experience of dealing with portfolios of all sizes and complexity. They already support many other portfolio landlords and will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help ensure your portfolio is in the best possible long term position.

Contacting a Relationship Manager

If you have a total of 5 or more Bradford & Bingley, Mortgage Express or NRAM Buy to Let accounts, you may have already been contacted by a member of our team. If not, contact us.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our portfolio management service please call the team on 0330 159 1929*